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Logistics: more than just shipping a parcel from Point A to Point B

In this increasingly complex and uncertain environment, businesses must harness logistics and supply chain management to remain relevant and get ahead of the competition.

The power of independence

One of the major benefits of partnering with a 4PL like efm is that we’re 100% independent. We remain agnostic in the selection of carriers and tailor the optimal solution.

What you need to know about Chain of Responsibility and HVNL

Road freight is central to the smooth-running of Australian business. Find out how we can help your business meet its Chain of Responsibility obligations.

The secret behind agile and efficient supply chains

The need to manage external volatility and internal vulnerability are top of mind for the industry. Find out how to improve the efficiency and agility of your supply chain.

How technology improves sustainability in the supply chain

The global economy and global ecology are becoming ever more interwoven, key decision makers are recognising sustainability as a business priority to deliver economic growth.

How a 4PL can unlock your competitive advantage

A 4PL can anticipate risks, determine possible disruptions and determine route shipments around problems to help ensure a reliable transit across the entire supply chain.

Why are the right people so important in a logistics partnership?

Where AI and technology are at the forefront of disruption and efficiency discussion, why you should be looking for the ‘human element’ in your logistics partnership.