Enterprise managed services

If you’re from an enterprise-level business and wish to retain your existing carriers, our technology and resourcing will help you get the most from those relationships.

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One central view of carrier data

Large businesses spending tens of millions of dollars on freight per year often have fragmented logistics networks of multiple carriers and dispatch points. Our proprietary technology consolidates the data from all your carriers into one central repository, giving you greater visibility and allowing you to improve the cost-effectiveness of every shipment through least-cost routing.

Continuous improvement consulting

Our highly trained logistics experts will analyse your data to improve the efficiency of your solution and reduce your overall spend. We will develop and execute a Continuous Improvement pipeline that may include such initiatives as alternative carrier pricing structures, optimisation of existing carrier model, utilisation improvement through consolidation of activities, and on-site policies to reduce excess transport costs.

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Payment reconciliation

While your team will hold the commercial relationship directly with carriers, we will undertake a thorough reconciliation of their invoices on your behalf. We will provide you with a Carrier Payment Summary, identifying costs verified for payment, and those we recommend challenging, giving you confidence in the impact to your bottom line.

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Arrange an audit of your logistics solution

Take the next step in optimising your supply chain. We will meet with you to understand your objectives and challenges, then review your existing solution to identify where we could add value.