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Simplified logistics

A highly trained team. Sophisticated proprietary technology. Deep carrier relationships. Through our unique combination of strengths, we promise to deliver an unmatched logistics experience.

What we do

efm partners with Camp Quality

One of our four cultural values, Together we make a difference, is behind our partnership with Camp Quality.

Camp Quality gives kids facing cancer the chance to be kids again. They provide kids, their siblings and their parents with fun experiences, education, specialised cancer care, counselling and a supportive community.

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Charli Gerry Proudly Supporting Round CQ camp
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End-to-end supply chain solutions to help you succeed at scale

Our high performing team takes a control tower approach to creating and managing end-to-end solutions that improve efficiency in the supply chain. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, we optimise visibility, reduce wastage, mitigate risks and drive cost savings over the short, mid and long term.

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Flexible warehousing support, tailored to your business needs

Improve inventory efficiency through flexible, tailored solutions by efm Warehousing. Also within the FMH Group, efm Warehousing provides a broad range of storage and handling services and provides additional value in the form of real-time inventory tracking, repacking, inventory management, and quality control services.

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Grow your business with Australia’s largest 4PL

Industry-leading technology to take your business forward

Our proprietary cloud-based logistics management software puts you in control with powerful data analytics and pricing, reporting and monitoring capabilities. Manage carriers, quote, book shipments and view scan events and PODs anywhere, anytime.

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Advice you can trust

As a “fourth-party logistics provider” (4PL) we do not have our own fleet of trucks. Instead, we leverage our extensive network of carrier partners to curate bespoke solutions for each customer, based on data.

Support from our expert team, every step of the way

Our people are committed to improving your business at both strategic and operational levels, delivering excellence across data analysis, solution design and customer service.

Track shipments

Check the delivery status of a shipment.

Industry insights to keep you ahead of the game

How a 4PL can unlock your competitive advantage

A 4PL can anticipate risks, determine possible disruptions and determine route shipments around problems to help ensure a reliable transit across the entire supply chain.

Logistics: more than just shipping a parcel from Point A to Point B

In this increasingly complex and uncertain environment, businesses must harness logistics and supply chain management to remain relevant and get ahead of the competition.

Culture and Values

When choosing strategic partners it’s imperative to consider whether their ‘ways of doing things’ will help or hinder your pursuit of excellence.

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Arrange an audit of your logistics solution

Take the next step in optimising your supply chain. We will meet with you to understand your objectives and challenges, then review your existing solution to identify where we could add value.