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Identifying commercial value

We'll complete a complimentary, comprehensive analysis of your existing solution against the market to see if, and where, we can add value to your supply chain. Find out more in the video below or click the link to arrange a market analysis today.

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Why choose efm?

A curated solution just for you

We put square pegs in square holes, meaning that we ensure you get everything you need, but nothing you don’t. From a curated selection of carriers, you will be able to select the best fit for every shipment.

Improve your customer satisfaction

We monitor the data of all live shipments and identify and swiftly address emerging issues to keep your shipments on course. This means more parcels delivered on time and in full, resulting in happier customers and a healthier bottom line.

A commitment to ongoing value

Throughout a customer’s lifetime we continually look for and identify opportunities to reduce wastage, create savings and improve the efficiency of the supply chain.

Onboard smoothly to efm

Our Implementation team, comprising Account Managers, Customer Service Specialists and Systems Administrators, will ensure your seamless transition to efm. They will guide you through a 6-week onboarding period followed by 2 to 3 months of hyper-care, allowing you to focus on your core business. Find out more below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • No, efm is not a broker. Rather, we are a customer-focused logistics business. Unlike brokers, which seek to primarily provide favourable upfront rates, we are a fourth-party logistics provider (4PL). With a network of more than 200 carriers, we have the capability not only to offer highly competitive rates but also to deliver ongoing value. Our large and highly-trained team, along with our sophisticated proprietary technology, allows us to gather deep supply chain insights. This enables us to identify and implement continuous opportunities to reduce hard costs and increase operational efficiency, as we support you throughout as a partner you can trust and rely on.

  • At efm, we specialise in simplifying complex logistics. When you need to ship different types of freight from and to different locations and/or with different levels of urgency, we are the provider of choice to give advice, optimise your supply chain and improve efficiency. We offer customised solutions, drawing on a bespoke mix of carriers tailored to your business to deliver optimal results in the short term and to deliver ongoing operational benefits.

  • As the largest 4PL in Australia and New Zealand, we leverage our size and scale to negotiate competitive freight rates with only compliant and reputable carriers. We bundle these rates with our solution costs such as IT licenses, implementation and ongoing management, to arrive at a contract rate, which you, the customer, review and approve. Thanks to our economies of scale, this rate is highly competitive and often even lower than what you could obtain with a carrier directly. It also includes valuable resourcing support to service your needs. There are no hidden costs or additional service fees.

  • Our model benefits both carriers and customers. By partnering with us, carriers gain more opportunities to participate in multi-modal transport solutions. In direct customer relationships, carriers may handle freight profiles that are not optimal for their network or transport sub-optimal volumes. However, by partnering with us, carriers can ship appropriate volumes and freight suited to their business model, enhancing their operational efficiency and profitability. Carriers also report that partnering with us reduces their ‘cost to serve’ because of our commitments to always pay on time and to maintain proactive communication.

  • A thriving logistics operation relies on four pivotal functions: customer service, account management, commercial expertise and advanced technology. Internal resourcing often entails substantial costs. Conversely, by choosing efm as your partner, you only bear the annual freight costs, which, thanks to our extensive scale and leveraging power, are typically considerably lower than the existing solution.

  • Our head office is based in Moorabbin in the south-east suburbs of Melbourne, and we have offices in Sydney, Gold Coast and Perth, as well as ~65,000m2 of warehouse space around Australia. Our 200+ carriers operate throughout metro, regional and rural Australia, servicing customers around the country.

  • We take our obligations to support the safety of customer freight solutions very seriously. Our actions include reviewing the compliance of our 200+ carrier partners through a dedicated team, providing Chain of Responsibility (CoR) training, engaging in consultative discussions with stakeholders, providing information to customers, and maintaining a comprehensive management reporting process.

  • Once the customer gives us the green light, our dedicated Implementation team initiates the onboarding process, which consists of onsite scoping of existing processes, carrier inductions and any required training prior to trade commencement. This typically takes approximately 4-6 weeks depending on requirements. Following this, we deliver a period of hyper-care management to support a smooth transition, which includes onsite resourcing for go-live and management of the contracted commitments.

  • We will undertake a complimentary analysis of your existing solution against the market to see if, and where, we can add value to your supply chain. The market analysis will make it clear to both of us where and how we will deliver results.

  • You can trust us to deliver on our promise for several reasons. Firstly, we hold ISO 9001 accreditation, underscoring our unwavering commitment to quality. This accreditation attests to timely delivery and encompasses various quality metrics such as accurate reporting, maximum system uptime and business continuity.

    Secondly, upon partnering with us, we will create a service-level agreement that outlines our commitments and establishes mutually agreed-upon KPIs for daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly performance. We will diligently measure our performance against these KPIs and provide monthly and quarterly reports.

    Finally, we have established partnerships with numerous leading brands, as demonstrated by our case studies with companies Swisse, Sabco and Taylormade. To further give you confidence, we can facilitate direct contact with these customers or others for you to hear directly from them about their experiences working with us.

  • Yes. With ~65,000m2 of safe, secure and modern warehousing space at strategic locations around Australia, we offer a scalable approach to warehousing that gives you flexibility at every stage of business growth. Find out more here.

  • efm is part of FMH Group, which also comprises technology company, FLIP, which creates our proprietary technology, and Logistics Holdings Australia (LHA), a small group of transportation companies comprising GKR, Niche, BagTrans, Formby and Specrtum. These transport companies are among the more than 200 carriers we can draw from to curate tailored solutions to meet customers’ needs. If there is ever a carrier that you prefer not to use, we will accommodate your preference. At efm we are driven by one core principle: to deliver no better experience. Our team’s priority is to exceed your expectations by tailoring solutions that meet your needs and by delivering exceptional service and value.

  • Yes. After initially becoming a substantial minority investor in FMH Group in December 2020, SingPost increased its stake to 51% on 30 November 2021, making FMH Group a subsidiary of SingPost. On 31 March 2023 SingPost further increased its interest in FMH Group to 88%. While Singapore Post holds a majority stake in our company, we operate as a separate entity with our own dedicated team, decision-making processes and strategies. This ensures that our focus remains on delivering exceptional logistics services to our customers while maintaining our unique identity within the industry.

  • There are several defining characteristics that distinguish us as a 4PL from other logistics services businesses. These include advanced proprietary technology controlled within the group, extensive carrier relationships without a dependency on a small number of key partners, and a service model that provides ongoing efficiencies for customers through a highly-skilled team. What sets us apart even further from the rest of the industry is the diversity of our team, with varied professional backgrounds, strong female representation and a youthful energy. These characteristics enable us to deliver a fresh and dynamic approach to logistics management.

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