Introducing OneFlo, our intuitive, easy to use platform to manage your entire logistics ecosystem.


OneFlo is our proprietary cloud-based logistics management software that puts you back in control with powerful data analytics, pricing, reports and monitoring from anywhere, anytime.

As the leading software system in our market, OneFlo allows you to quote, book shipments, and track in real-time. The cloud based web and mobile applications manage multiple carriers, allowing you to view scan events and PODs, and run visual reports on all domestic activities at your convenience.

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 Monitor carrier activity

  • Monitor all carrier activity attached to your profile

  • Dispatch multi-carriers and consolidate freight

  • View live rate comparisons

  • Track, trace and manage shipments through powerful data intelligence

Cloud based software for ease of use

  • Supports multi-site and multi-user access

  • View reports from any location

  • Easy to upgrade and add users without additional cost

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Manage performance

  • Reconcile carrier charges to actual data

  • Manage billing, invoicing and credits

  • View detailed data analytics

  • Complete diagnostic analysis and KPI reporting

  • Access scan events in real-time

Mobile & web applications

  • Available via mobile and the web

  • Your sales and customer service teams can view the same data to cost freight, quote and view delivery information anytime, anywhere


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Anytime, anywhere

Put you in control of your supply chain.