Manage your entire logistics ecosystem from end-to-end with our industry-leading technology.

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Full visibility, full control

Our world-class proprietary technology puts you in control of all your logistics operations—from quoting and shipping through to tracking, analytics, and reporting. Manage all your carrier relationships in one place, view scan events and PODs, and track carrier performance against key KPIs such as DIFOT and total consignments. And with our cloud-based system, you can access your data in real-time, no matter where you are.

Create efficiency at every step in your supply chain

Book and manage shipments with ease

Book shipments with multiple carriers using live rate comparisons and save on the time-consuming task of carrier management by consolidating all your carrier data into a unified platform experience.

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Generate your shipping documentation

Generate consignment notes and manifests easily with the click of a button, and print carrier-approved shipping labels straight from the platform.

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Track your orders easily

Keep your customers in the know with visibility of all your orders, across every carrier. Plus, with the ability to view scanned events in real-time, you’ll never be left wondering where your shipments are.

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Analyse performance with powerful data intelligence

Track KPIs across orders and carriers and view detailed data analytics of your performance every day, so you can make changes on the fly.

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Manage finances with ease

Manage invoicing, billing and credits directly within the system, and reconcile carrier charges to actual data to ensure accurate reporting every time.

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Benefits of our proprietary tech

Manage carrier activity

View live rate comparisons, consolidate freight and dispatch shipments across multiple carriers. Plus, with our track-and-trace capabilities, you’ll have full visibility of your shipments at all times.

Monitor performance over time

With complete diagnostic analysis and detailed analytics reports, you’ll gain powerful insight into your operations. Segment performance by carrier, track KPIs across all your shipments, and view scanned events in real time.

Share reports across teams with multi-user support

Add new users with no additional cost and keep your team up to speed with multi-site support. Plus, live rates are available to all users, meaning your sales and customer service teams can quote accurately based on real-time data.

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Arrange an audit of your logistics solution

Take the next step in optimising your supply chain. We will meet with you to understand your objectives and challenges, then review your existing solution to identify where we could add value.