The role of an efm team member

All roles are critical to our ability to deliver no better experience. But three roles make up much of our team: the Account Manager, the Internal Account Manager and the Commercial Analyst.

Commercial Analyst

Our Commercial Analysts are not only data-modelling whizes but also have great commercial acumen and strong relationship skills.

They have two key responsibilities. The first is to design supply chain solutions that are more efficient than customers' existing solutions. The second is to identify and implement year-on-year cost-out initiatives to continue to drive efficiency.

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MCP 7769

Account Manager

An efm Account Manager is responsible for partnering with customers to find ongoing opportunities to create efficiency within their supply chains.

It’s a highly strategic role that requires commercial acumen, problem-solving ability and a calm, confident manner that enables you to present easily to senior stakeholders under pressure.

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MCP 5851

Internal Account Manager

The Internal Account Manager (IAM) is at the heart of our high-quality customer service.

From road congestion and damaged road surfaces to truck driver shortage, unforeseen disruptions are inevitable. IAMs are the ones on the front line taking emails and phone calls from customers when these exceptions arise and promptly finding solutions to get their freight delivered on time.

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MCP 7515