19 May 2022

efm Induction: Setting you up for success

Our team is critical to our ability to deliver our promise of no better experience. If you're considering joining our high-performing team, here's how we will set you up for success.

Delivering no better experience

Our business is built around our customer promise of no better experience and our team is critical to our ability to deliver on this promise. This is why we hire people with the same values as us, who share our DNA.

We turn up every day, we work smart and strive to perform at the best of our abilities. We value trust, mutual respect, teamwork and open communication. We build relationships that last – with our customers and with our team.

Not only do we hire for our values, but we reinforce them through a comprehensive induction process so new starters are clear about what is expected of them and are set up to thrive in their new working environment.

If you’re considering joining our team, here’s what you can expect.

Induction - A four-stage process

We take a four-stage approach to induction, which involves everyone from the CEO down, including managers and colleagues. It is a comprehensive process, covering everything from an overview of the entire logistics industry to role-specific practical training in our methodologies, culture and proprietary systems. The four stages of the induction program are:

  1. Prepare: 1 week prior to commencement date
  2. Immerse: Week 1
  3. Extend: Weeks 2-6
  4. Integrate: Week 7 onwards

You will be proactively supported throughout your induction and probation period with regular check-ins to transition into your role and the business.

#1 Prepare – getting ready to begin

The first aim of induction is to make you feel welcomed and this process starts with meaningful contact from our People and Performance team and your line manager a week out from your start date.

This is a good opportunity to be briefed on things like how we dress, when and how we work, where to park, the barista and on-site café, and office facilities.

We find this is important because you will likely know next to nothing of your new workplace and these early conversations are a great way to break the ice and make you feel welcomed.

#2 Immerse - not sink or swim!

During the first week we deliver both an interactive Induction Day and a four-day set Induction Program. These are specifically designed to be immersive but not overwhelming.

Throughout the four-day set Induction Program you will quickly get up to speed with the complexity of the logistics industry through the lens of a large, successful 4PL. This starts with an overview of the logistics process, an introduction to the efm business model, and an insight into how your specific role adds value to our company and customers.

We recognise that it’s important that this information is delivered in a format which allows you to take it all in, assimilate it and relate it to your own role. You will participate in self-directed learning, structured interactive classroom-based sessions and meet and greet Q&A sessions with various leaders. You will work through interactive activities in your Induction Journal throughout the 4-day program.

The interactive Induction Day is facilitated by senior leaders and will provide you with a consolidated understanding of our brand, our values and our service offering. The format has been designed to be engaging. You will continue to work through the Induction Day Journal, applying your knowledge and understanding of each of the areas covered.

#3 Extend – building on your knowledge

We aim to make you feel supported while you get used to the new environment and create a solid foundation from which you can learn more over time.

Following a week of intensive induction, you will be mentored for several weeks to ensure your smooth transition from wide-eyed newbie to fully-functioning and productive team member. There is additional support available during this period and role-specific training in the daily workflow. This occurs in a peer-to-peer setting so that you can ask your colleagues questions about the routine, the peak periods of activity and what to do when unexpected situations arise. This is the time when you can use the knowledge gained in the immersive first week.

All these activities are supported by resources including the Induction Journal and an online repository of all the induction materials and helpful information.

#4 Integrate – striking out on your own

The final phase of induction begins after approximately six weeks. From here you begin the next part of your journey with efm which includes opportunities for professional growth and career progression.

After the immersion and extension phases, you should be ready to strike out on your own using your own knowledge and skill-set. You will be guided by your manager and you will also have access to assistance from our People and Performance team.

In this phase we will talk through with you the performance objectives of your role and will institute a regular feedback process that aligns with the work rhythm of your role. You will integrate with your team and embark on your efm journey, embracing continuous learning and development.

For six months, you will have regular check ins with your manager and with our People and Performance team. Throughout your lifetime with efm, you will receive ongoing training facilitated by external specialists in specific areas related to your role.

Supporting our new starters to thrive

At efm we are proud of our values, our brand and our team members. We make every effort to ensure that new hires are welcomed into efm and quickly embrace our culture. From day one, we encourage every new team member to be the best version of themselves.

We expect a lot from our team and in return we offer them a rewarding career trajectory with unrivalled development opportunities and a collaborative and supportive team environment.

We like to think we hire the best people and that the people we hire will appreciate that we do the best by them in offering support to ensure that they can continue to thrive.

If that sounds like you, take a look at our current vacancies and apply today.

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