What we do differently


“What do we do differently?”… this is a question that we ask ourselves every day.

Our industry is often painted with different brushes and there are a number of companies within our industry that are truly transactional and have a broker like mentality. At efm, we believe that the industry needs a new kind of leadership. Leadership driven by individuals that take pride in what they do, who possess a strong sense of courage, boldness and can deliver an exceptional customer experience. At efm, we strive to demonstrate this new kind of leadership.


How do we deliver this new kind of leadership?

Our answer is simple: through our culture. We build our company from the people out. Our environment is comfortable, supportive and we challenge each other to do things better. We encourage innovation and openness. We have a team of talented people that ensure that we excel in the areas that make us different; our talent, our training, and our technology.

We take pride in the quality of our output and challenge, trust and hold each other accountable to deliver what we promise. Being customer-centric isn’t just a promise we make, it’s our business model. We know our customers live and die by their reputations, so we put ours on the line every day. We exist to help our people and customers grow.

What do we do differently?

We treat people with respect. We raise the bar in everything we do. We deliver a best in class customer experience. The market has responded to our new kind of leadership resulting in us producing an average annual growth rate of over 20% since inception.

If this resonates with you, join our evaluation. We’d love to hear from you.