Why efm?


Our Company

We are highly reputable, growing, market leader. 
We deliver an innovative, customer focused, logistics solution.
A unique, disruptive business model

What this means for you?
• Security and stability
• Fast paced, evolving and challenging workplace
• Development opportunities
• Increased employability
• Better benefits

The Quality

We deliver what we promise.
We raise the bar.
Our talented people build trust and create accountability

What this means for you:
• Personal and professional growth
• Ability to learn from others
• Pride in quality of outcomes


The Work

We are proactive, responsive and agile
We challenge each other to do it better
We operate as one
There is always a solution to discover

What this means for you:
• Variety, challenge and growth
• Job satisfaction, engagement and empowerment
• Continued learning and development of new skills


The Environment

We are outcome focussed
We are corporate, professional, supportive and relaxed

What this means for you:
• Want to come to work
• Positive energy and culture
• Flexibility