An integrated supply chain:

  • Is managed by a single process
  • Is market driven
  • Has shared knowledge and information
  • Has one set of numbers across the supply chain
  • Supports product innovation and speed to market, aligned with segmentation
  • Develops strategic partnerships with suppliers
  • Has shared goals routinely delivered

Our Services Methodology

As your supply chain integrator, our goal is to help you
reduce costs, increase efficiencies and build value in your supply chain.
To achieve this, we leverage the insight we have gained
through years of industry experience in many different customer
environments and industries.

Our services methodology is a disciplined, step by
step approach that includes three key elements that are designed to deliver rapid and
reliable results: independent solution design,
tailored implementation,
and outsourced solution management.

  • Design: Independent

    We redesign your logistics solution to ensure planning, execution,
    control and monitoring of activities are directed towards creating ongoing
    value, building a comprehensive infrastructure, leveraging the
    right suppliers and measuring performance. This step consists
    of three key strategic activities:

    • Business analysis –
      we take the time to understand your business
      objectives and how these translate to
      supply chain constraints and requirements.

    • Efficiency analysis –
      we conduct a strategic efficiency and cost audit
      of your current operation and carrier mix

    • Supplier selection –
      we identify the optimal supplier mix which
      can deliver immediate savings

  • Connect: Tailored Implementation

    We believe that how you implement
    is as important as what you implement – that’s why we focus on the details.
    During the connect stage we take the design to a detailed level and customize both technology and
    operational processes to ensure a seamless fit with your
    existing business. Specifically, our analysts:

    • Recommend and implement best practice process improvements that deliver
      efficiency gains to your business operations

    • Consolidate the activities of multiple carriers through a single portal,
      which enables carrier performance management

    • Tailor our multi-carrier dispatch platform to meet any
      operational requirement, and enable the seamless automation of
      key activities such as carrier selection, consignment tracking
      and KPI reporting, whilst providing the necessary support and training.

  • Operate: Outsourced Solution Management

    Focus on your core business. We’ll handle the rest.

    We consider our specialized support services an extension of your business. In so doing:

    • We manage your detail – e.g. quotes, bookings, enquiries, invoicing, carrier credits

    • We remove your operational headaches – proactively resolving issues with speed and creativity

    • We know everything, so you can too – we continuously measure, report
      and adjust consignment performance to uncover further cost reduction opportunities

    You only have one number to call, and you are our number one priority.

We will only partner with you if we can add value to your business