efm is the largest and most established independent supply chain integrator (4PL) in Australia. Our commitment to continuous investment and sound governance underpins this market leading position. Our philosophy is to deliver what we sell, and our success in fulfilling this promise is supported by unrivaled points of difference.

    • Independent Expertise

      Independent Expertise

      Our independence creates the objectivity required to offer
      the best solution for your business; we ask the right questions
      to develop the right idea at the right time.

    • Proven Industry Methodologies

      Proven Industry Methodologies

      Matured from thousands of successful customer partnerships across a range
      of business contexts, our methods ensure we save you valuable time and money;
      we do it right the first time.

    • Specialised Support Services

      Specialised Support Services

      Save time and focus on what you do best by utilising our
      dedicated supply chain specialists.
      As your single point of contact, we take full accountability for your end-to-end
      logistics solution, addressing all your service needs. Our superior commercial understanding
      enables us to solve your problems quickly.

    • Tailored IT Solutions

      Tailored IT Solutions

      Flexibile IT is essential. We control and manage our market leading B2B and B2C software
      so that we can provide custom-made solutions to support the right
      option for your business. Our flexible software and
      deep implementation experience ensures that integration with
      your existing systems is simple and painless.

    • Extensive Supplier Network

      Extensive Supplier Network

      Our relationships with over 200 logistics suppliers connects you to
      the right partners. We are experts in breaking down
      barriers and our collaborative supplier relationships afford us important market
      leverage, supporting solution design and procurement.
      Our national network means that we can source and service
      the requirements of any business, regardless of operational complexity
      or receiver profile.

Our Brands

efm Logistics Services Group is made up of a number of sales agencies. Our structure enables us to take a multi-dimensional approach and develop comprehensive solutions.


Our People

  • Scott Peacock

    Scott Peacock

    Chief Executive Officer

    efm LSG

  • Mark Hogan

    Mark Hogan

    Chief Financial Officer

    efm LSG

  • Simon Ward

    Simon Ward

    Chief Operating Officer

    efm LSG

  • Matthew Barbuto

    Matthew Barbuto

    Chief Commercial Officer / Sales Director

    efm LSG

  • Craig Thomas

    Craig Thomas

    Executive Director – Operations

    efm LSG

  • Simon Slagter

    Simon Slagter

    Chief Commercial Officer

    efm BU

  • Susan Beling

    Susan Beling

    Managing Director

    efm BU

  • Mark Hayden

    Mark Hayden

    Managing Director

    Oz Logistics

  • Kent Miller-Randle

    Kent Miller-Randle

    Managing Director

    Qwiksilver Logistics

  • Jason Disney

    Jason Disney

    Managing Director


  • Ashley Davie

    Ashley Davie

    Managing Director


  • Rod Smith

    Rod Smith

    Managing Director

    Rocket Logistics

  • Michael Tewksbury

    Michael Tewksbury

    Managing Director

    VIP Logistics

Our Promise

Independence, Value and Exceptional Service – these are the three fundamentals of efm’s promise to you.

  • Independence

    • We are not aligned to any logistics supplier (warehousing or transportation)
    • We will always provide an independent, objective solution
  • Value

    • We will only partner with you if we can add value to your business
    • We commit to providing you with best in class services through continuous investment
  • Exceptional Service

    • We will deliver what we sell
    • We will ensure the seamless integration of market leading systems into your business
    • We will go the extra mile to solve your problems